The Trail

Leonardo has hidden his treasure in Monthoiron…

Along a parcours of 20 riddles, the kids* search for the « Leonardo’s Treasure » around the Fortress-Tower of the Monthoiron Castle.

The “Da-Vinci Code” for kids!

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At each riddle, the kids are discovering with fun the History of the Castle and the history of the Renaissance and of Leonardo da Vinci: who he was, and what he did. The kids are surrounded by the environment of the comic book character of Leonardo Génie. Each riddle is for example illustrated by some pictures of the comic book.Le Trésor de Léonard

A “Leonardo Pass” is given to each kid. It is a leaflet to write down the answer to each riddle. Do not forget your pen or pencil! Each kid can also wear a costume which gives a look like at the Renaissance!

A visit also for adults!

A booklet allows the adults following the kids to discover more details about the history of the castle. In addition, some clew within the booklet helps the adult to bring more information to the kids, so that you can fully follow this adventure with your kids. At the end, a movie is projected on the cupola inside the Fortress-Tower, so that you can understand the mystery which is linking Leonardo da Vinci and Monthoiron…

(* children must be accompanied by an adult)