50 international experts of Leonardo da Vinci met together at the Symposium held in Romorantin from 3 to 5 June 2010: “Leonardo da Vinci, painter, architect and engineer of Francis I” in parallel to the exhibition: “Romorantin, the forgotten project”.

In cooperation and with the agreement of the owners-managers, Nicolas Faucherre (Professor, leader of the castle-science team of Poitiers) presented “The transfer in France of the Leonardian fortification models: the case of the Tower in Monthoiron”.

All participants of the Symposium committed with their signature, that they consider the Tower-Fortress is «corresponding to a concept of the master, and constitute a unique work of Leonardo da Vinci. » These 50 international experts are calling any foundation and private person to “support the project allowing its knowledge and its preservation”.

We have the following people who undersign the document (in alphabetical order):

  • Pascal Brioist (Université de Tours CESR),
  • Nicolas Faucherre (Université de Nantes),
  • Jean Guillaume (Paris I Sorbonne, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes),
  • Robert Knecht (Fellow of the Royal Historical Society),
  • Pietro C. Marani (Università di Milano),
  • Romano Nanni (Museo Leonardiano, Vinci),
  • Carlo Pedretti (UCLA).

Copy of the document of the colloquium of Romorantin:

La Tour de l'Architecte - Appel de Romorantin