Completely ignored a long the last 500 years, the Tower-Fortress is one of the most mysterious and original monument of the first renaissance in France. Its powerful Architecture is corresponding to a concept of Leonardo da Vinci. The Tower-Fortress let us with a lot of questions without answers, and is surrounding itself of a mystery that we invite you to discover…

Parcours d'Énigme - La Tour-Forteresse du Château de Monthoiron - Copyright Agence  Touristique de la Vienne

The Trail

Leonardo has hidden his treasure in Monthoiron… Along a parcours of 20 riddles, the kids* search for the « Leonardo’s Treasure » around the Fortress-Tower of the Monthoiron Castle. The “Da-Vinci Code” for kids! (to see more pictures, click here). At each riddle, the kids are discovering with fun the History of the Castle and …

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Château - La Tour-Forteresse du Château de Monthoiron - Stéphanie Desroches

The Castle

One found the trace of an oppidum “Monte Aurea” at the 11th century. The lordship of Monthoiron is taking an important regional dimension when the Faimily Turpin de Crissé took possession of it. The Turpin de Crissé & Leonardo Da Vinci: A very old graffiti have been discovered by the historian Nicolas Faucherre and allows …

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Visualisation 3D zoom - La Tour-Forteresse du Château de Monthoiron - Copyright Christian Armbruster

The Tower-Fortress

The Tower-Fortress is one of the most mysterious and original monument of the first Renaissance in France. The architectural concept is from Leonardo da Vinci, which makes it the only witness of the least known facet of the Italian genius: Leonardo, the architect. The tower is a cylinder of 20 meters in diameter and height. Under …

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The Secret

50 international experts of Leonardo da Vinci met together at the Symposium held in Romorantin from 3 to 5 June 2010: “Leonardo da Vinci, painter, architect and engineer of Francis I” in parallel to the exhibition: “Romorantin, the forgotten project”. In cooperation and with the agreement of the owners-managers, Nicolas Faucherre (Professor, leader of the …

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The Mysteries

The Tower-Fortress is “forgotten” by the history for more than 5 centuries. The ongoing revelation raises many questions, which remain without response. Why is the Tower down in the valley and not on the top of the hill? Why have it been forgotten? What did we wanted to forget? What was the exact role of …

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We are working with two fundations, “la fondation pour les monuments historiques” and “la fondation VMF”. Promises of donations or sponsorship proposals must be submitted by postmail or email at the following adresses: Monsieur C. Armbruster 1, chemin du Château 86210 Monthoiron email:

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