The Castle

One found the trace of an oppidum “Monte Aurea” at the 11th century. The lordship of Monthoiron is taking an important regional dimension when the Faimily Turpin de Crissé took possession of it.

The Turpin de Crissé & Leonardo Da Vinci:

A very old graffiti have been discovered by the historian Nicolas Faucherre and allows us to date of the end of the building of the Tower-Fortress. By consequence we know the date of the beginning of the construction which has been initiated exactly during the presence of Leonardo da Vinci in the region.

The Marquess Pérusse des Cars :

Monthoiron will be owned just before the French Revolution by the Marquess Pérusse des Cars, known for bringing German Families, then Acadian Families to cultivate its land of Monthoiron, he died in exile in Germany. At this time, The Tower-Fortress is already ruined, it serves as a stone quarry.

Recent History :

The Manor House will be destroyed to be renovated in the 19th century in a bourgeois home – like a lot of castles at that time. The castle becomes a hotel, before beeing transformed in a simple House to live. The Tower-Fortress is asleep already for more than 5 centuries.